NAIFA and Northwestern Mutual

Each year, hundreds of NAIFA members from all fifty states travel to Washington, D.C to meet with members of Congress and discuss issues and legislation vital to our business and our clients.  With so many hot button issues on the table these days, we need to take this opportunity to educate lawmakers so they understand the impact of their decisions on your clients, their constituents. A stronger NAIFA breeds successful insurance and financial advisors, and a financially secure America for decades to come.

Northwestern Mutual understands the importance of NAIFA’s Congressional Conference, and would like to financially support YOUR attendance at this event – if you attend the Congressional Conference, Northwestern Mutual will guarantee that you receive a $300 travel stipend, and will open their travel desk to you so the cost of your airfare is covered up front.  If you have never attended this event, please be sure to take advantage of this generous support and join your colleagues in Washington, DC! 

If you are already registered to attend, please find three other Northwestern Mutual agents and bring them with you!  You do NOT need to be a NAIFA member to attend the Congressional Conference.

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One Voice

Amplified & Unified Advocacy Efforts

The revised structure – with state and large local chapters – fortifies NAIFA’s distinction as the only financial services association that advocates for good policy at both the federal and state levels. With thousands of bills introduced in state legislatures, Northwestern Mutual values our strategic partnership with NAIFA to promote state advocacy. 

NAIFA advocacy will be in full force at the May Congressional Conference, when 850+ NAIFA members visit with nearly every member of the U.S. House and Senate. No other financial services organization delivers this unified voice.

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