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Career-Friendly Membership Fees

We support your success in the financial services industry.

New to the Industry

Monthly Membership

Year 1: $10
Year 2: $20

per month

NAIFA Live Monthly Meetings

Access to Member Communities

Member Discount Programs

At Checkout:
Year 1- Use Promo Code: 1  
Year 2- Use Promo Code: 2 

Most Popular

New to NAIFA

Monthly Membership

$30 per Month

for first year

New to NAIFA

Year 3 in the industry and beyond

All Member Benefits

At Checkout: 
Year 3- Use Promo Code: 3

New to NAIFA 3+ Years in Business- Use Promo Code: Grow

Experienced in the Industry

Monthly Membership

Year 4: $40
Year 5+: $56

per month

After your initial first year of membership at $30/month, your fees will graduate up to correlate with your years of experience in the business as follows: 

Four years in the industry: $40

Five years+ in the industry: $56 

All Member Benefits


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FAQs on Membership


Q: I'm 18 months in the business, am I in year 1 or year 2?

A: You are in year 2 of the business and would pay $20/month.

Q: Who is eligible for the new member rate of $30/month?

A: Individuals that have never been a member of NAIFA may join for $30/month.

Q: I've been a member before, but my membership lapsed. Can I join again at the $30/month?

A: The New to NAIFA rate is an introductory rate open to an individual that has never been a member. If your membership has lapsed and you want to be reinstated so that your years of continuous membership remain uninterrupted, you may pay a one-time reinstate fee of $100 and then the monthly rate appropriate to your years in business with the maximum being $56/month. If you don't care about having a record of continuous membership, you may reinstate and begin paying at the monthly rate associated with your years in the business with the maximum being $56/month.

Q: What happens at the end of my introductory $30/month rate if I have 7 years in the business?

A: At the end of your first year of NAIFA, your fees will graduate and stay at the $56/month.