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Dear Leaders,

We just sent the following communication to members residing in New York regarding a public announcement that the former NAIFA-NYS chapter board made today aligning themselves with Finseca and purporting to leave NAIFA. The NAIFA-New York state chapter will now have new leadership and management and be aligned to brand standards in order to ensure that NAIFA members in New York are properly and professionally served moving forward.

We have been told by other chapters may have been offered financial incentives to leave NAIFA to join Finseca. This is not only improper, but any such action could violate the duties that chapter directors owe their organization and membership. 

Please note that if your chapter is struggling, please reach out now so that we can collaboratively explore options to improve your chapter operations. We are an association rich in human resources and have an abundance of dedicated people who care about your success. We are saddened to learn of this act by a small group of people in NYS who made a decision without the input of the chapter membership, or even simply engaging NAIFA in a dialog.

Remember, together we can take on anything--even change. Our Board of Trustees and its chapter problem-solving Flex Team stand ready to help. Our Board and staff members understand the resources available and we fully embrace the concept of One NAIFA.

What follows is the communication sent previously to members in New York following the public announcement by NAIFA-NYS and Finseca explaining its de-affiliation with NAIFA. 

Dear NAIFA New York Member,

We're writing to you to address a communication you may have received announcing that the NAIFA-NYS chapter's board of directors, in concert with the paid staff of Park Strategies, voted to disaffiliate with NAIFA and instead, affiliate with Finseca. 

First, let us tell you that we were totally blindsided by the public announcement that was broadcast in email to members, on the former chapter's website and on Finseca's website. We only learned of this move when NAIFA members flooded our email inboxes and customer support line confused and upset at the notion that the NAIFA's New York chapter might change or no longer exist. NAIFA members were confused by an announcement that intimated that your membership could somehow be transferred to Finseca. 

This simply is not true. You are now, and continue to be, a member of NAIFA.

Let us assure you that NAIFA is strong and firmly committed to supporting our members in the Empire state. We understand and sympathize with your confusion and consternation that a small group of individuals decided on your behalf--and without notice to, or general consent from-- the members in New York. In fact, the former NAIFA-NYS chapter's board of directors did not undertake any conversation with NAIFA whatsoever, to alert us that they were even contemplating such an extreme and unwise action.

This turn of events has forced NAIFA to take unprecedented measures. Never in our 130 years has a chapter decided to secede from our union and go against the NAIFA way of working together to represent the best interests of members in that state chapter. We will not allow our good name to be used to hoodwink our members into joining another association through the use of duress, disinformation or disparagement. It is dishonorable, lacks integrity and we will not stand for it.

We are in process of putting in an interim leadership team to serve NAIFA-New York until the NAIFA members of New York can elect their own set of officers that will represent their best interests. Tomorrow, you will see a new chapter website with the official NAIFA-New York logo representing the members of the Empire State and we will continue to do the good work of NAIFA New York like we have done every day for 130 years.

Should you have any questions, or want to further discuss, please contact Larry Holzberg, NAIFA Secretary and Past New York State President.

In loyalty,

Executive Committee of the NAIFA National Board of Trustees:

 Cammie Scott, National President
Tom Michel, President-Elect
Larry Holzberg, Secretary
Brock Jolly, Treasurer
Jill Judd, Immediate Past President




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