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by Suzanne Carawan on Apr 25, 2018 8:12:01 AM

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Right People on the Bus

Jim Collins' book "Good to Great" talks about having the right people on the bus. The YATs are definitely the right people and this year have gotten their own bus to go to Congressional Conference, or as they affectionately term it "ConCon". 


If you've never participated in an organized visit to Capitol Hill often termed as Lobby Days or Fly-Ins or Congressional Conferences, you should! It is an absolutely life-changing experience to be a part of the democratic process and understand firsthand how the legislative process works. Our Congressional Conference will be held this year May 22-23rd and is open to non-members of NAIFA. In fact, even the bus tour is open to non-members and is a great way to experience what it means to belong.  


Check out this video made by John Richardson, Vice-Chair of YAT and PIC Liaison



Topics: Young Advisors Team (YAT)