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Show your NAIFA pride at Performance + Purpose with the NAIFA lapel pin! The NAIFA pin is a symbol of NAIFA's membership promise and its key concepts - "Advocate. Educate. Differientiate."

NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux spoke on the power of NAIFA’s membership during this year's Congressional Conference, "“Advocate on behalf of yourselves and your businesses, your colleagues, and your clients,” he said. “Educate lawmakers about the crucial ways you serve your clients and communities and how their decisions can help or hinder your efforts. Differentiate yourself from others promoting opposing interests to ours and those of our clients. Provide a unified message with personal stories that set you and your clients apart."

There will be a pinning ceremony for new NAIFA members during the National Council Session on Saturday, September 14 at NAIFA Performance + Purpose. If you're planning on attending the conference, don't forget to wear your NAIFA pin, a symbol of NAIFA's collective power!

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