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By NAIFA - July 08, 2019

Acquiring a Practice is an Adoption, Not an Acquisition

Adam Solano joins Ike Trotter, Randy Kilgore and Kate Kilgore Cihon for the Succession Planning breakout session at NAIFA's upcoming Performance + Purpose Conference. Adam is an MDRT TOP advisor that has successfully incorporated 4 practices from retiring colleagues over the last 12 years. He will share his experience on what its like to be the person who receives the practice as opposed to the person who sells it.

By NAIFA - June 28, 2019

Leading Like Warren and Charlie

In careers spanning nearly 30 years, Delynn Dolan Alexander and Reena Bland have built a reputation as one of the nation’s leading wealth management firms. Together they will present "Leading Like Warren and Charlie", one of the featured Big Ideas workshops at NAIFA Performance + Purpose. Their North Carolina-based practice, in partnership with other financial advisors throughout the country, serve over 2,000 clients across the globe, manage more than $200 million in assets and produce more than $3 million in annual revenues.

By NAIFA - June 28, 2019

How to Turn Your Successful Practice into a Balanced Personal Life

Imagine a situation where happiness isn't a choice, but a standard of living. Danny O'Connell will talk about this very notion in his Big Ideas presentation, "How to Turn Your Successful Practice into a Balanced Personal Life". Danny will discuss the goal-setting tools used in his practice and how he applies them to his entire life.

By NAIFA - June 28, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, What are Your Intentions?

Top New York Life agent Christie Mueller is another featured Big Ideas presenter at the upcoming NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference! Christie's passion for making a difference in the lives of her clients has helped countless individuals achieve their financial goals and face the future with confidence.

By NAIFA - June 28, 2019

Multi-Line Sales Lead to Multi-Life Sales

Top State Farm agent, Scott Foster, is another celebrated NAIFA Big Ideas workshop presenter at the upcoming NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference. Scott's workshop will cover how multi-line property and casualty sales lead to life and financial services sales. He will talk about how to use basic Risk Management tools to multi-line for life, health, and long-term care needs and how to insulate your business for retention.

By NAIFA - June 28, 2019

How to Build a Team One Advisor at a Time

Top of the Table producer, Pat Kelley, has been helping individuals, families and businesses optimize their wealth for more than 25 years. In his Big Ideas workshop, Pat will focus on the ten "to do's" on how to mentor and support a financial advisor in today's world. He compares his process to that of taking a client up in a helicopter: lifting them above the daily chaos, helping identify their desired horizon, and finding the sight-lines for how to best get there.

By NAIFA - June 21, 2019

What’s New for 2019 Performance + Purpose?

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference will have exciting new offerings! The conference kicks off on Wednesday, September 11 with our annual community service project. This year NAIFA has partnered with Hands on Orlando to give attendees the opportunity to participate in several activities such as decorating a piggy bank accompanied by a basic financial literacy guide for children, creating smart bracelets to help children spark and interest in STEM careers, or making a “puzzle with a purpose” designated to help children develop critical thinking and math skills. Conference attendees arriving on Wednesday won’t want to miss this special event!

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