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Susan Neely, president and CEO of the American Council of Life Insurers, told NAIFA members attending the Performance + Purpose conference in Orlando they “are making a real difference as we embrace inclusion and seek to advocate for all Americans.”

NAIFA members represent their clients who live and work on Main Street in every state in communities from every part of the United States and provide the connection between the insurance and financial services industry and regular Americans.

“Today, industries that can connect their purpose to Main Street will thrive,” Neely said. “That’s good news for us. Even though we are a $7.2 trillion industry, we have always been ‘Main Street,’ we’ve always been for ordinary working people.”

NAIFA members are the agents and advisors who serve the needs of American families of every net worth, every income level.

“You provide the reassurance to families that things are going to be okay financially in times of loss of a loved one,” Neely told NAIFA members. “You help the worker seeking comfort and security in retirement. You guide businesses so they can take care of their employees, and can help make sure a family business stays with the family. These are deeply personal issues. And you are there with solutions.”

That is why ACLI and NAIFA will continue to work together on advocacy issues at the state and federal levels that affect financial professionals and consumers.

NAIFA members have credibility with lawmakers and regulators based on their expertise and ties to Main Street Americans. Their political advocacy can help ensure that legislation and regulations do not interfere with the crucial relationships between consumers and financial professionals. NAIFA and ACLI’s efforts to overturn the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule, for example, ensured that as many as 4 million middle-income households did not lose access to critical retirement information.

“Limiting consumer choice doesn’t make sense,” Neely said.

Neely concluded by reaffirming the advocacy partnership between the ACLI and NAIFA and issuing a call to action to P+P attendees.

“ACLI and NAIFA are on the frontlines fighting for our policyholders and making sure policymakers understand our consumer-focused view,” Neely said. “But no one has consumers’ interests closer to mind and heart than you. And NAIFA has the presence and relationships with governors, legislators, and state leaders that are critical to winning this fight.”

“So we need the help of every one of you.  You are the perfect spokespeople to tell that story. Our partnership is important now more than ever.”

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