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Ensuring a Quality Member Experience in 2019

2019 will be an exciting year for NAIFA as our state chapters take on their new role of providing consistent and quality programming and networking opportunities directly to members. To help states deliver a quality experience for members, NAIFA has expanded the State Experience Team (SET) to provide more dedicated resources to assist state leaders. To see who will be working with your state, view the updated SET Assignments.

In January, all chapters will submit a 2019 Action Plan outlining their program calendar, marketing plans and operating budget. We also will be unveiling our new Chapter Achievement Program to establish minimum standards for success, share best practices and recognize the outstanding achievements of our chapters. 

Add Us to Your Mailing List!
We want to see what your members and prospects see!  Please add to your email distribution list so we get event notices, electronic newsletters and other communications you send to members, prospects and sponsors! If you have a blog, please subscribe the email address to your blog so we get those posts, as well. If you send a printed newsletter, direct mailing or other "snail" mailing to your members, prospects or sponsors, please include our Midwest office on the mailing list, too:

NAIFA Midwest Office
600 State St., Ste. A
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Communicate Your Plans for 2019
NAIFA has been communicating regularly with members about the benefits of our new structure, unified dues and the many new programs and services that have launched since the bylaws were adopted in May, yet many members still have questions. A common question our Member Service Team is receiving from members whose chapters have dissolved is "what is my state chapter planning?"

If you have communicated your 2019 plans to members, please send us a copy of the communications. If you haven't communicated your plans for 2019...PLEASE DO! If you need help drafting the message, let your SET rep know!

Online Service Center Reprogramming
On January 1, we will be reprogramming the Online Service Center (OSC) to move to a calendar year reporting system. The last update to the OSC will occur just after midnight on Sunday, Dec. 30. You will still be able to download rosters during the reprogramming, but data will not be updated to reflect new members or renewals for approximately two weeks. If you require an updated lapsed list or new member list during this time, please reach out to our Member Service Team for assistance at


January 1 will officially mark the start of our newly structured NAIFA! We hope everyone will ring in 2019 with a spirit of optimism and energy as we move forward as One NAIFA. 

Member Retention

December has been spent in working to renew our members. In doing so, we have realized how many members are still unaware of NAIFA's changes and why dues may be changing. To help explain, we have routinely pointed members to two locations (feel free to pass on): 

The top response has been, "You've taken my local away!" Please be prepared to explain the restructuring and folding of locals into state chapters.

We have had so many changes that we are putting together a "Member Benefit Refresher" webinar for January 10 at 1 p.m. EST focused on members that have been within NAIFA for more than two years. The webinar will review all of the benefits available in your membership fees and allow each member to ensure that they are aware of all the opportunities that exist to get involved. A similar path for onboarding has been developed and will be presented on the January Leadership Debrief Webinar.


  • Prospect Lists: The prospect list is undergoing data clean-up. The first slice will be provided in early January to jump start the process and obtain feedback. 
Corporate Partner Programs
NAIFA has added several new companies to our Corporate Partner Program since our Debrief in October. As new partners are added, we are adding them to the dedicated Leadership landing page found at Here is the latest information:
NAIFA 20/20
Implementation Webinars

Webinars were conducted in November and December to help chapters plan for 2019. Both are available on demand at Topics include:

  • Volunteer Engagement and Leadership Recruitment
  • Programming and Budget
  • Communication and Membership
  • Final Steps

Shout Out!

Congratulations to the following states that have completed the  governance tasks, including chapter agreements for the state and remaining chapters and paperwork dissolving for locals!

Alabama Florida Maine New Mexico
Colorado Georgia Michigan North Dakota
Connecticut Indiana Montana Rhode Island
Delaware Iowa New Jersey Tennessee
District of Columbia Louisiana    



2019 Chapter Leadership & Contact Report Due December 31

Many chapters will be transitioning to new officers on January 1, so it is time to submit updated leadership rosters. We also need to know which affiliate leaders your state wants to receive leadership communications in 2019! Even if you are not transitioning to new officers, every chapter MUST submit a 2019 Chapter Leadership & Contact Report by Monday, December 31, 2018. Click here to submit your report! Special thanks to those chapters listed below for submitting early!

State Chapters Local Chapters
Alaska Indiana North Dakota Broward Quad Cities
Arkansas Iowa Oklahoma Essex/Monmouth/Ocean Saint Louis
California Michigan Washington New Orleans San Antonio
Georgia New Jersey Wisconsin Palm Beaches  
As mentioned in our last webinar, January will launch the first NAIFA Live program as part of NAIFA's efforts to transform the  monthly meeting. NAIFA, along with NAIFA-Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota will sponsor the first event featuring multiple viewing locations where members gather in "watch party" style to view the livestreamed event. 

The new format aims to provide more choices for members in terms of access to programming beyond geographic boundaries and lift the requirement of having to physically be in the same room in order to meaningfully participate in NAIFA events. Additionally, the event will be open to nonmembers for an additional fee providing yet another way to prospect to recruit the next generation of NAIFA members.
Special Offers for Leaders
Promos & Product Offers

January will see new campaigns for Professional Pathway, NAIFA Live and Limited & Extended Care Planning Center focused on targeted prospect lists.

The Professional Pathway is now available for any member or nonmember. The free resource is one of the only interactive, self-assessment competency-based tools in the industry. Access to the service lasts for 30 days so that we can have as many people "map their gap" as possible. To get going, just create a profile for yourself and take the self-assessment

>View the on-demand webinar for Leaders explaining Professional Pathway


National Membership Day 2019

Our fall National Membership Day focused on telling our #NAIFAproud story in social media. We want to go even bigger for our next one, so we have moved the event to coincide with our 2019 Congressional Conference. We are aiming to have ConCon be our best one yet, so please mark your calendars for May 14-15 and encourage your volunteers to come to Washington to advocate for our industry and for our annual member photo shoot on the steps of the Capitol. More information to come, but keep using #NAIFAproud as you post stories that showcase the power of One NAIFA.

Government Relations
Suitability Discussed at NAIC Meeting

At its 2018 Fall National Meeting, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) continued discussing proposed amendments to the NAIC’s Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation, which, among other revisions, would supplement the model’s existing suitability requirements with a requirement that producers and insurers must place the consumer’s interests ahead of the producer’s/insurer’s interests. A full report of the meeting can be found in the 2018 December GovTalk.

NAIFA's Advisor Ambassador Program
Advisor Ambassador Program Update

During November and December, we hosted a competition between the states of who could recruit the most prospects to the Advisor Ambassador Program. Congratulations to the following three states for recruiting the most prospects! 

Texas (Large State)
Virginia (Medium State)
Alabama (Small State) 

We have 55 prospects registered for January and are now recruiting for February. March class will open at the beginning of January. Keep pushing the program-we are converting prospects to members!

Calendar of Events


  • Wednesday, December 19
    PAC Deadline: Last Day to Send New Monthly Credit Card Applications
  • Friday, December 21
    PAC Deadline: Last Day to Send New Bank Draft Applications
  • Wednesday, December 26 @ 10 a.m. EST
    PAC Deadline: All Contributions (online, mail, fax or email) Must Be Received
  • Monday, December 31
    Chapter Deadline: All Chapters Must Submit a 2019 Chapter Leadership & Contact Report



  • Wednesday, January 2 @ Noon EST
    Monthly Leadership Debrief: Register
  • Thursday, January 10 @ 1 p.m. EST
    Member Benefit Refresher Webinar (Open to all Members): Register
  • Friday, January 11 @ 9 p.m. EST - Sunday, January 13 @ Midnight
    Online Service Center Closed for Database Maintenance Begins

 December Leadership Debrief Webinar

webinarDid you miss December's Leadership Debrief Webinar featuring NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux? Not to worry! You can view the webinar by clicking here. Topics covered include:

  • CEO Comments from Kevin Mayeux
  • Key Areas to Address in 2019
  • Product & Program Updates
  • Chapter Updates

As a reminder, these webinars take place the first Wednesday of everything month at Noon!

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