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NAIFA's Midterm Madness Voting Game

There are so many tight races this year, that it's Midterm Madness! We chose just a few to watch & invite you to play our fun game. How accurate are your predictions come Election Day? Fill out the poll below & receive your picks in email so that you'll have them for your Watch Party! See rules below for how to earn your bragging rights AND fun prizes!

Game Rules

a.k.a How Do I Win? 

1 point for each correct prediction

Top five scores win free registration to NAIFA’s 2019 Congressional Conference

Prize is transferrable

In event of a tie, a hat-drawing will determine winners

Results posted after these 18 races are decided

Your picks will be automatically emailed to you so you can keep on hand on Election Night!

Midterm Madness Fun Facts

In the House, 435 seats are up for election

 In the Senate, 35 seats are up for election

In the 125 districts where a Democratic incumbent is leaving office or a Republican seat is at risk of flipping, more than half of the nominees (65) are women

30 House seats are rated as Toss -Up Races

Record breaking! Over $2,301,925,443 has been raised by both parties

80 Members of Congress are either resigning, have left or are running for other offices

 Predictions are that 45 to 50 percent of eligible voters will cast a ballot. That would be a level not seen since 1970 when 47 percent of voters turned out or 1966 when a record 49 percent turned out in a midterm