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by Suzanne Carawan on Apr 27, 2018 10:31:38 AM

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Book More Appointments with this Technique

Buyer behavior has changed and the too direct, too aggressive sale tactic not only typically falls on deaf ears, but may also turn the prospect totally off (especially depending on the age & sociocultural factors of the prospect). Has the ABCs of always be closing changed? Heck no! It's just the way we go from point A to point B has gotten a whole lot subtler and starts with providing educational value from the start.

According to two studies, some of the new secrets to booking more appointments are to start first with a small ask--typically asking the prospect their opinion or to provide insight on topic--before asking for the appointment. Allowing the prospect to provide their input first then allows you to understand how you can educate and provide value to them in return.

Asking a small question such as "how much insurance do you think Baker Mayfield needs to have in his first year at the Browns?" might not just get an interesting conversation going, but help to lead you to getting your prospect seriously thinking about all the possibilities that can happen in your life (just ask RGIII--who saw any of that happening his rookie year??).

Read HubSpot's blog on using the psychological trick to ask small questions before making the appointment ask, check out the following article and note that they have a free course on selling to a consumer that comes from a different buying mindset as well.

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